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Download Game Gratis Snoopy Pop Android APK

“Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of your favorite Peanuts characters in Snoopy Pop – a delightful new bubble shooter with exciting game modes! Pop bubbles and explore all the fun the Peanuts Gang has in store for you!

Good Grief! Woodstock and the rest of his flock of birds are trapped in bubbles! Help Snoopy strategically burst bubbles to save his best friend! He’ll need the skills and talents of each of his famous personas to save them! Employ the help of Charlie Brown’s yellow kite and Linus’ blanket to overcome obstacles and return the birds safely to land. Prepare your doghouse and stock up on bubbles as you take on the infamous Red Baron to save your fledgling friends! Read more >>

Download Game Gratis Where’s My Water? 2 Android APK

=&0=& is the follow-up to Disney’s popular puzzle game, where you need to deliver water with the correct pressure so that Swampy, a charming alligator, can take a good shower.

To get the water all the way to Swampy, you have to use your finger to break a path to guide the water through, clean up the dirt and grime that is blocking your path. This can involve activating switches, manipulating steam, and turning on faucets. What’s different is that the sequel contains new “Duck Rush” levels, in which you need to quickly dig down as the screen moves, ensuring that your water doesn’t get stuck at the top of the screen, while collecting all the ducks along the way to the finish. Read more >>

Download Game Gratis გამოიცანი გამოსახულება Android APK

გამოიცანი გამოსახულება ფილების ქვეშ.

შეგიძლია გამოიცნო გამოსახულება?
შეეხე ფილებს გამოსახულების დაფარული კვადრატების გამოსავლენად. როგორც კი მიხვდები თუ რა არის, გამოიცანი! რაც ნაკლებ ფილებს გახსნი – მით მეტ მონეტას მიიღებ! Read more >>